Battlegrounds Mobile India launch announced

PUBG Mobile is finally making a comeback to the Indian market with a new name, Battlegrounds Mobile India. It is one of the most awaited games of 2021. The all-new Battlegrounds Mobile India will release with exclusive in-game events, outfits, and features. It will have its own esports ecosystem with tournaments and leagues. It will be launched as a free-to-play experience on mobile devices.

Here's how people have reacted on Twitter after hearing about the game's comeback:

More than anything, PUBG Mobile lovers have missed that Chicken Dinner! Parul Arora expresses her joy on Twitter by saying, "Even Vegetarians missed this chicken dinner in India"

The game will have a period of pre-registration ahead of the launch. Gamers who have been eagerly waiting for the game will be able to pre-register and get their hands-on experience at the earliest. As the name suggests, the game will be available to play only in India.

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