Cyber Warriors Hacked in Kerala ‘ Health Mission Website'

Cyber Warriors Hacked in Kerala  ‘ Health Mission Website'

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The Kerala cyber warriors have hacked the internet site of Delhi State Health Mission. The Kerala Cyber Warriors hacked the internet site as a protest in opposition to the carelessness of country authorities in the direction of Covid-19 patients.

The hackers printed that they had hacked the web page for ten minutes. They had uncovered Covid’s affected person name, address, cellphone number, COVID 19 take a look at the result, quarantine surveillance data, airport data, passport details, and health facility data.

Kerala cyber warriors blamed the lapses on the section of the Delhi authorities for making it very convenient to get entry to touchy records on hazardous servers. “A hacker can without problems edit, manipulate, and manipulate data. Other cyber warriors can get right of entry to our information,” stated Kerala Cyber ?? Warriors. Kerala cyber warriors stated they had tried to document the hacked information. 

Explanation of Kerala Cyber ??Warriors:

We are no longer cozy with the Delhi government’s method in the direction of the healthcare personnel (Know more: Thus, to exhibit our protest, we have been on an errand to obliterate “Delhi State Health Mission” ( website.

Gaining get entry to their server took us lesser than 10 minutes. We had been appalled to witness sensitive-data saved in these servers besides any security. The accessed statistics include COVID-19 sufferer's name, address, telephone number, COVID-19 take a look at the result, quarantine surveillance data, airport data, passport details, health facility data, etc. The authorities want to be very cautious and take each viable safety measures to guard the private statistics of citizens.

This is the server that is used by using the Delhi authorities to investigate, report, and music the COVID-19 scenario in Delhi. A hacker can edit, manipulate as nicely as misuse these facts to make profits. The penalties can be the downfall of the complete Indian security. For instance, Manipulating these statistics will purpose miscalculations and inaccuracy in monitoring COVID-19.

Nowadays, we are getting requests from our loved followers asking for cyber-assault the Chinese servers. Prior to that, You all must recognize the lack of safety in our Indian authority's servers, we want to be conscious of how our non-public facts are stored, protected, and handled. Hackers planted a couple of backdoors in this server which some of it we have observed and removed. We tried to record it to the officers about the vulnerability but, as of now, we nonetheless now not obtained a response. Hence, we have determined to publish this.
Even at this time, these dates are now not in a protected place. 

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