TikTok becomes the most downloaded social media app in India during lockdown

TikTok has emerged as the most downloaded social media app amid the 21-day lockdown due to Coronavirus in India. As per a report by App AnnieTikTok has managed to dethrone WhatsApp and Facebook in terms of the number of app downloads in the country. As reported by Economic Times, during the lockdown, TikTok downloads in India escalated by 20 percent as compared to January stats. The report further clarifies that this data is from 22 March onwards and the lockdown was announced on 24 March. Overall, more than 49 million downloads have been reported on the App Store and Google Play Store altogether.

WhatsApp stands second in line followed by Facebook and Helo, an app that has the same parent company as TikTok- ByteDance. In addition to this, Zoom, a San Francisco based video calling app has also gained popularity in the country as more and more people are working from home these days and are relying on Zoom for work calls. AajTak and Zoom app have also reportedly become one of the most downloaded apps these days. The report further added that if we keep all the gaming apps aside, U-video, Instagram, Jio TV, and Amazon Prime Video have also managed to be on the most downloaded apps in India.

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