Internet speed will double with these 5 methods

If you are also one of the many people who are worried about their internet speed? Actually, where we are talking about 4G and 5G, the truth is that our internet does not run in the same way as in other countries. Although there are some countries where the internet speed is so high that there are download and uploads in seconds but in India the opposite situation appears.
Though it was changed to some extent after Reliance Jio came to India, but as soon as people have started getting more money for the internet, then from the same day their faith has been lost as if on the internet. But on the other hand broadband speed in our country is good. People have broadband connections in their homes, through which they get good internet speed. Many broadband players have also emerged in our country. Recently, Tata Sky has also launched its own broadband network, apart from this BSNL is the only broadband provider in India, which people like the most. In some parts of the country, people do not trust any other telecom operator in place of BSNL.

Talking about internet speed in broadband connection in our country, it goes from 10Mbps to 50 and even 100Mbps, however, it also depends on your plan which kind of speed you are going to get. However, other telecom companies can not be judged in any way, because all companies try to give their best to the users at their own level. Today we are going to give you some tips to deal with that situation, which must have come before you. In fact, you may get upset due to the decreasing speed or decreasing the speed of the internet. If you are also suffering from this problem related to your internet i.e. the low speed of the internet then today we are going to tell you how you can increase the speed of your internet up to double. Let us know how you can increase your internet speed?
How to double your internet speed?

Get closer to your router
This step or this trick can be called quite easy because in this you just have to come closer to your router. Now whether you are using internet on desktop, laptop or mobile device etc., by changing the location of your router only, you are going to get rid of many internet problems. Apart from this, if you place your router at any center place etc., then you are going to know the difference of your internet speed by itself.

Clean your Wi-Fi router
Dirt, dust, grime - all these things can slow down your internet speed due to the deterioration of your cooling properties. In turn, this can cause them to overheat and malfunction, causing them to crawl. This means that you have to clean this mess continuously, to do this you have to choose one day, the day you can completely clear all this mess, and after that, you will see that your internet Speed ​​makes a difference. Apart from this, your device will also be protected from overheating, etc.
Restart your wi-fi router
Find that the small power button on your Wi-Fi router, through which you can do this work? If you are troubled by internet problem then it resets your internet connection. If you experience slow speeds or are struggling to connect to the Internet, press this button and start it again. A fresh connection can solve your problem immediately.

Use anti-virus
Believe it or not, an Internet virus can seriously slow down your connection. Therefore it is mandatory to use anti-virus protection on your computer. Once malware affects your system, it can cause programs and applications to run slowly or not at all and affect your Wi-Fi connection. This is why you need a good anti-virus.
Check your cables etc.
Poorly-fitted or loose cables can also slow down your Internet speed. Check the cables running from the Wi-Fi router to your wall socket, and replace them if they are damaged. Because cables often deteriorate over time. This is why you also need to pay attention to cables etc.
Online check internet speed
A good way to find out if you are getting the best internet speed is to use an online speed checker. You can do this by visiting a website like Ookla or, it estimates your internet speed in a few seconds. And tells you how much your internet speed is at the moment when you are checking it.
These can often suggest things to increase your speed. Without getting too technical, they analyze where your traffic is being routed (and they provide solutions on how to improve it).

Use a good internet circuit
Sometimes, all you need is a better internet circuit. A premium internet connectivity the product that uses fiber technology provides loads of benefits to your business etc. Fiber Internet provides you with faster upload and download speeds, allowing you to maximize day-to-day tasks in the office or your home, etc.
By adopting these few measures, you can increase your internet speed, if you follow all these steps, then in our opinion, you can get the best internet speed from your old router, but even after that if you have problems So coming, we are going to give you only one suggestion that you should change your broadband connection.
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