PUBG Facts-Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

PUBG Facts
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Let's see some Facts About PUBG.

1. Virtual Bandana(Head Wrap) costs 1000$ it's very expensive, even though players are ready to buy and buying it for that cost.

2. PUBG has created a record of 180k user was playing online at the same time.

3. The Co-founder Of this game is Brandon Player Unknown green, he named himself player unknown after this game, he belongs to Korea.

4. Each an every player like the slogan Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

5. This game was first officially launched in a stream, within one month the Game reached 5 Million downloads and it is the biggest Record Ever.

6. The Game was not advertised in any media, it reached and spread to Words by the friends to friends in the name PUBG.

7. A best 3D feature is available in this game for experiencing the cinematic feel when the users play.

8. So Far 8 billion Users have downloaded the PUBG Game from Play store.

9. Overall 8 Billion downloads, the total number of users playing per day are 15 Million plus.

10. Indian users don't buy any things (cap or sunglasses etc.) in the game, but foreign users spend lots of money on buying things, PUBG's one-day income by selling things is 689$.


Important Updates

1. New Infection mode and map. Play as Zombies!

2. New character system - unlock more appearances and skills!

3. Pirate main menu theme and Global Treasure Hunt!

4. Royale Pass Season 8 with popular items restocked!

5. Daily mission system improved.

1. Android installation package has been reduced. 

2. Inventory UI adjusted.

3. Fixed climbing bugs.

4. Fixed a bug where characters got stuck in buildings.

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